Community Projects

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Water infrastructure is largely invisible.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Well, not for us.

We have round-the-clock operators and engineers who do everything from routine safety checks to engineering multi-year projects that will increase the capacity of our pipes, enhance the safety of our system, provide adequate supply, and pressure so that we can provide an even higher quality of water to our two customers: the City and ACSA and their 110,000 customers!

We manage 67 miles of water line, valves, 704 manholes, five reservoirs, 11 water tanks, five treatment plants, and four wastewater treatment plants.  Each of these assets need regular maintenance to maintain a high quality of water for our customers.  Rivanna continues to upgrade these assets to further increase the quality, as requested by our customers (City and ACSA), and to meet increasingly stringent regulations.

Over the past ten years, we have made significant safety, environmental and capital improvement projects totaling $265 million dollars which have increased the reliability, redundancy, capacity, effectiveness, and efficiency of our entire water infrastructure.

Check out our **New** Interactive Ongoing Projects Map!

Current Community Projects

New Rivanna Pump Station

Drinking Water Upgrades (Granular Activated Carbon)

Odor Control

Moores Creek Facility Upgrades

New Ivy Transfer Station

Solar Project at Ivy MUC

Ragged Mountain Dam (completed)

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