Tree Planting

Trees at Buck Mtn

Trees at Buck Mtn

Buck Mountain

In 2012 Rivanna completed a stream restoration and tree planting at Buck Mountain as a part of the environmental mitigation needed for the expansion of the Ragged Mountain Reservoir. Over 40,500 trees and shrubs were planted in a 93 acre area and we completed a restoration project at Buck Mountain stream.

The Buck Mountain property was originally bought by Rivanna as a potential area to expand our reservoir capacity.  However, an environmental study discovered the presence of the endangered species James Spiny Mussel and thus other avenues were sought out for our community water needs.

Franklin St Wetlands

2,700 trees were planted on Franklin Street near Moores Creek as a part of the Franklin Street Wetlands mitigation project.

Sewer-Safe Tree Planting

Please be mindful when you are planting trees or shrubs in close proximity to our water line system.  RWSA easement widths can vary from 20 to 50 feet.  The inner 20 feet of an easement (10 feet on either side of the pipe) must remain clear; low growing groundcovers are allowed.  RWSA cannot guarantee that damage will not occur within the inner 20 feet of an easement.  We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our water system infrastructure clear of obstruction so that we can “keep the water running!” Below is the list of sewer-safe plants and trees:


Festuca arundinacea                     Tall Fescue

Poa pratensis                                   Kentucky Bluegrass

Lolium perenne                               Perennial Ryegrass

Achillea millefolium                       Common Yarrow

Andropogon virginicus                 Broom Sedge

Asclepias tuberose                          Butterfly Milkweed

Elymus virginicus                            Virginia Wild Rye

Lolium multiflorum                        Annual Rye

Panicum dichotomiflorum           Smooth Panic Grass

Panicum virgatum                           Switch Grass

Sorghastrum nutans                      Indian Grass

Rudbeckia hirta                                Black-Eyed Susan

Where easement widths exceed 20 feet, the remaining outer width can naturally revegetate or may be planted by the property owner with plants from the following lists.


Kalmia latifolia                               Mountain Laurel

Cephalanthus occidentalis           Buttonbush

Cornus amomum                            Silky Dogwood

Ilex verticillata                                Winterberry

Lindera benzoin                              Northern Spicebush

Rhododendron catawbiense        Rosebay Rhododendron

Viburnum dentatum                      Southern Arrowwood


Alnus serrulata                                 Tag Alder

Amelanchier arborea                     Serviceberry

Asimina triloba                                 PawPaw

Carpinus caroliniana                      American Hornbeam

Cercis Canadensis                            Eastern Redbud

Chionanthus virginicus                  White Fringetree

Cornus florida                                   Flowering Dogwood

Hamamelis virginiana                    American Witchhazel

Ilex opaca                                           American Holly

Juniperus virginiana                       Eastern Redcedar

Magnolia tripetala                          Umbrella Magnolia

Magnolia virginiana                       Sweetbay Magnolia

Prunus virginiana                            Chokecherry

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