Water Conservation


Every Drop Counts

Rivanna serves the community by safeguarding our most precious resource: water.  This includes doing our part to take water conservation steps wherever possible in our operations.Most of our water-savings opportunities were identified in the wake of the 2002 drought.

Moores Creek alone saves over 1.5 million gallons each year by capturing this effluent and using it for a variety of non-drinking uses within the facility.  This helps to preserve the existing drinking water supply and thus helps us better steward the community water supply.

In the water department…

  • We maximize filter run lengths
  • We refine our sedimentation basin cleaning process
  • South Fork Reservoir Treatment Plant recycles all water used in the plant
  • Observatory Water Treatment Plant recycles water used in the plant

In the wastewater department…

  • We use recycled non-potable use water for our cooling and hot water needs
  • We wash down our tanks with recycled water
  • We lubricate our pumps and centrifuge.
  • The use of this effluent water reduced potable water consumption at the facility by approximately 98%.  The facility went from using an average of 44,000 gpd in 2002 to 500 gpd in 2003. These conservation efforts continue as standard practice today.

In the administration building…

  • We retrofitted old plumbing fixtures with low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce the need for water.
  • RWSA does not have any irrigation systems in place for landscape watering.

In your home…

If you’re interested in water conservation in your home, Charlottesville city residents click here

If you’re interested in water conservation in your home, Albemarle Country residents click here

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Rain Barrel

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