Granular Activated Carbon


Installation of GAC Contact0rs at Observatory Water Treatment Plant (August 2016)

Upgrading Our Water System

As part of our mission of providing clean, safe, high-quality drinking water to the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County Service Authority, we will be installing a new Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) water treatment system at all of our urban area treatment plants, as well as our Crozet and Scottsville plants. This work is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2017.

GAC is highly effective at removing a wide variety of organic materials and select other contaminants to further improve water quality. While a GAC system is large industrial-scale equipment, one way to think about its function is that it acts like a large Brita filter. It’s one of the best means of improving water quality in the industry. After extensive research and public input, we are excited to get this technology online at all of our treatment facilities in the next year.

GAC Construction Begins at South Fork Water Treatment Plant

GAC Construction Begins at South Rivanna WTP


GAC Concrete Pour September 2015

GAC Concrete Pour (Sept 2015)


Crane Placing GAC Contactors in Place (Jan 2017)

Crane Placing GAC Contactors in Place (Jan 2017)


GAC Contactors in Place at SRWTP (Jan 2017)


GAC Contactors and Building (January 2017)

GAC Contactors and Building (March 2017)

Stormwater Improvements

In Crozet, as a part of this project we will be improving the entrance to our plant with a new, safer entrance driveway and landscaping.

Although some trees will be removed to construct the new building, a Tree Protection Zone will be established around the site to protect existing trees. Bioretention cells will also be installed to help reduce the peak flow storm runoff from our site as well as improve the quality of stormwater that leaves the site. Ultimately, we will be reducing our impervious surfaces at the site.