Recyclables Accepted

What can I bring to the McIntire Road Recycling Center?

The McIntire Road Recycling Center accepts various items for recycling. Bins are set up for specific items. If you have questions about where to deposit something, there are recycling attendants available who will be happy to assist you. Or call us at (434) 977-2976.

Don’t forget there is also a gently used clothing bin and a book exchange bin, so don’t throw these items away if they are able to be shared or donated.

Recyclables List

  • Telephone Books
  • Steel Cans: Fruit, vegetables, soup, pet food, etc.
  • Plastic Bottles & Containers: All 1-7 rigid plastic bottles and containers
  • Office Paper (File Stock): Junk mail, copy/printer paper
  • Newspaper & Magazines: Catalogs and books (hard & soft bound)
  • Mixed Paper (Brown Paper): Wrapping paper, packing paper, cereal boxes, and all non-corrugated cardboard
  • Glass Food & Beverage: Clear, blue, green, brown, and yellow
  • Aluminum Cans: Beverage cans
  • Corrugated Cardboard: Cannot have waxy coating
  • Plastic Bags & Wraps: Clean, dry plastic bags and wrap/packaging (Note: Make sure bags are clean and dry. Do not include biodegradable bags, pre-washed salad bags, frozen food bags, or material that has been painted or glued. This leads to contamination.)

We cannot accept

  • #2 plastic motor oil containers and lawn and garden containers.
  • Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) due to significant market limitations.
  • Household Hazardous Waste


What can I bring to the Ivy Municipal Utilization Center?

Recyclables List

  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper & Magazines
  • Motor Oil
  • Antifreeze


What can I bring to the Paper Sort of Meade Ave?

Types of Paper Accepted

  • Category 1: Mixed Brown Paper: This category includes brown and compressed paper which make up such items as cereal and tissue boxes, brown paper bags, and pet feed sacks (without the plastic liner).
  • Category 2: File Stock: This category includes junk mail, computer paper, legal paper, photocopied paper, and shredded paper; no magazines, no carbon paper, no newspapers and no brown paper are to be placed in with the file stock.
  • Category 3: Corrugated (Cardboard): This category includes only flattened shipping boxes. No other paper or strings should be placed in with this grade.
  • Category 4: Newspaper and Magazines: This category includes newspaper, magazines, and catalogs. Magazines include items such as newspaper inserts and “glossy” brochures.




Recycling Plastics Brochure

Thanks to a partnership with Trex Recycling in Winchester, VA your recycled plastic bags and wraps can now become new packaging, durable products, or even a park bench!



Want more recycling services?

RSWA only provides the specific services that are requested by the City and/or the County, so for requests for additions or changes to current services we suggest that City residents contact their City Council members ( and County residents contact their Board of Supervisors ( would like to hear about comments or suggestions with regard to our current programs by emailing the RSWA board members ( or by calling our main line at (434) 977-2970.

For more recycling information, please read our Recycling FAQs