Reservoir Study

South Fork Rivanna Reservoir

South Fork Rivanna Reservoir

In 2014, we enlisted DiNatale Water Consultants to study our water storage reservoirs as part of an effort to protect and improve the water quality.

Starting in 2015 and continuing into 2016, we have been collecting reservoir samples and taking an in-depth look at each of our drinking water sources. We want to better understand the unique characteristics of each of them and what we can do to stay ahead of water quality issues like algae growth.


A First Look Pamphlet The Reservoir Water Quality and Management Study: “A First Look” contains:

  • Reservoir Biology 101
  • Where your water comes from
  • The unique “personalities” of each of our reservoirs
  • How algae grows in lakes
  • Sources of nutrients in the watershed

The full report can be found here.





Additional water quality data and recommendations will be available in 2017. With more data and analysis, the final report is expected to clarify our options for addressing methods to improve raw water quality.

With this preliminary report and our final report in 2018, Rivanna’s goal is to:

  • Continue the delivery of high quality drinking water
  • Safeguard our reservoirs now and for the future
  • Refine and affirm the rigorous water quality and algal monitoring program we have implemented
  • Identify methods that help in the development of biologically healthier watersheds and reservoirs
  • Utilize eco-friendly lake management practices where practicable

We are committed to providing the high quality drinking water to our customers– Charlottesville and the Albemarle County Service Authority– which starts with the management of our raw water resources that supply our treatment facilities. This study is a testament to that commitment.

To view Rivanna’s Algal Management Program, click here