Services and Fees

Customers at Ivy MUC Transfer Station

Customers at Ivy MUC Transfer Station


All items listed below will include a service fee per trip to the Ivy MUC. For Albemarle County residents and businesses, the Service Fee for all vehicle trips is $1.00 per trip or ticket. Residents and businesses not physically located in Albemarle County will pay a Service Fee of $10.00 per trip or ticket. Minimum disposal charge is $6.00.  We accept cash or check only.

Non-Albemarle County residents and businesses wishing to place a disposal decal on their vehicle in lieu of providing proof of residence each and every time they use the Ivy MUC need to fill out the MUC Decal Application Form. A description of the MUC Decal Program and the Application form can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

MUC Decal Program and Application Form. (pdf)

The RSWA Transfer Station at Ivy accepts municipal solid waste from private citizens and collection vehicles servicing Charlottesville and Albemarle. Customers enter the station by making the first right turn after the scale house. The waste is loaded into the transfer trailers and taken to an offsite landfill.

Small loads (pickup trucks or equivalent sized trailers) with construction and demolition debris will be accepted at the Material Utilization Center Transfer Station at Ivy. Larger loads will be directed to the BFI Transfer Station.

Stumps, brush, and other vegetative material will continue to be ground into mulch for sale to the general public. The mulch is a finer grade of material than previously being offered due to the grinding and screening operation now being used.

WOODEN PALLETS ($48.00/ton)
Wooden pallets are accepted, ground into woodchips, and mixed with mulch.

RSWA still accepts clean fill material including brick, block, mortar, mixed soil, and road building materials.

The following items have a per ton or a per item charge:

    • Tires, Bulk Whole $190/ton
    • Passenger Car Tire Rim Off $6.00 each
    • Passenger Car Tire with Rim $13.00 each
    • Truck Tire Rim Off $17.00 each
    • Truck Tire with Rim $33.00 each
    • Non-Freon Appliances, Bulk Whole $105/ton
    • Freon Appliances $17.00 each
    • Non-Freon Appliances $9.00 each
Mulch Grinding Operation

Makin’ Mulch


MULCH ($30.00/ton)
RSWA produces a top grade mulch product by recycling wood waste that is brought to the Ivy Center. Stumps, brush, pallets and other usable organic debris, which would otherwise be landfilled, are ground into mulch. Magnets remove nails and other metal fragments to further refine our mulch product. Mulch is available for sale to the general public. Call the Ivy Material Utilization Center at (434) 295-3306 to check on mulch availability.

LUMBER/LOGS ($16.00/ton)

TAG-A-BAG STICKERS ($2.00/one or sheets of 12 for $24.00/each)
Bags or cans larger than 32 gallons or loose items must cross the scales

(price varies)


Paint Collection
1 gal, 5 gal, quarter gallon original containers of latex and oil-based paint are now accepted on a daily basis at no charge.  No other paint-related products will be accepted with this program. This collection service is free and is separate from our regular household hazardous waste disposal days. Full details on the Ivy Municipal Utilization page.

Citizen Convenience Center and Tag-A-Bag Program
The Convenience Center located at the Ivy Center allows for easy drop-offs of newspaper, magazines and cardboard for recycling (free) and disposal of household waste in tagged bags or trash cans up to 32 gallons in size. Tag-a-Bag stickers can be purchased at the Ivy scale house. Prices listed above.

Motor Oil and Antifree Recycling
RSWA collects and recycles motor oil and antifreeze at the Ivy Center free of charge from residents of Albemarle County and City of Charlottesville received during normal hours of operation.

Fall and Spring Household Hazardous Waste Collection 
9:00 am – 2:00 pm (dates to be announced on our HHW webpage) Motor oil, antifreeze, household and car batteries, oil-based and latex paints, paint related products, fluorescent light tubes, CFLs, cell phones, floor and furniture polish, household cleaners and solvents, adhesives, acids, pesticides, 5-gallon grill propane tanks accepted free of charge. Items not accepted at any time: explosives, ammunition, radioactive material, medical waste, asbestos or items containing asbestos.

Bulky Waste Amnesty Days
During the spring and fall (dates to be announced on our webpage), residents of Albemarle County and City of Charlottesville can dispose of furniture, mattresses, appliances and tires free of charge on designated Saturdays at the Ivy Center. Hours of acceptance are 8:30 am – 4:00 pm.

Click here for our brochure listing the Program Services and Fees at Ivy MUC.