Stream Ecology

Moormans River

Moormans River

We care deeply about the environment on both sides of our dams:  the source water or “raw surface water” on the upstream side, and the stream ecology on the downstream side  We recognize that in order to serve the vital human need for water in modern society, we also must protect the natural environment.

So we worked closely with our local government leaders and environmental non-profit groups during our community water supply planning process, to develop an instream flow release plan for our system that is designed to mimic natural stream flows.

It’s important to note that reservoirs are a man-made creation with the primary purpose to serve the water needs of a community. We take special care to balance the water needs of the community with the ecology of the systems. Under natural conditions, with no manmade alterations, river flows naturally fluctuate with high flows, low flows, even periods of no flows.  Our plan enables us to address in real-time where we adjust our stream releases accordingly.

The U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) maintains a stream gage on the Mechums River which is used as an indicator of natural flows throughout our system. Real-time data on stream flows can be found at These data are used in a state-of-the-art software model of our system to help manage stream flows throughout our watersheds. Additionally, we continue to monitor and, if needed, consult with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries on the health of our reservoirs and rivers