Water Resource Recovery

Tim at Co-Gen MonitorIn 2014, RWSA’s Board of Directors renamed all wastewater plants as water resource recovery facilities in recognition of RWSA’s purpose to recover valuable resources from the water treatment process. Those resources include high quality water for our local streams to enhance aquatic life, nutrient-rich soil through compost to promote new plant life, and renewable electricity from the combustion of digester gas produced from the anaerobic digestion of biosolids.

Supporting Our Community Needs

RWSA is recognized as a leader in environmental stewardship, with an impressive record of facility discharge permit compliance. RWSA must comply with Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) permit limitations. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality issues the discharge permit, which is reviewed and reissued every five years.

Our strong reputation is for not only meeting but exceeding requirements in our discharge permits, and we have invested in the necessary improvements to meet safety regulations, ensure responsive, reliable service to our customers and protect our local streams and rivers along with the Rivanna and James Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.  We are a charter member of the Virginia Nutrient Credit Exchange Association (www.theexchangeassociation.org), earning credits that we sell on the exchange by removing nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater above and beyond state permit requirements.  In 2014 these credits generated $123,604.71 in revenue to RWSA.

Meet Your Wastewater Operator

The Wastewater Treatment Process

Recycling for a Sustainable Environment


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