Meet Your Recycler

Meet Your Recycler
Robert Recycling at McIntire Recycling Center

Each year McIntire Recycling Center and Ivy MUC helps thousands of City and County residents recycle their household recyclables.  In fact, we estimate that every week 1,300 cars visit McIntire. A typical day for a recycling attendant includes assisting customers with placing their recyclables in the correct bins so we minimize any potential contamination. The attendant also helps to educate the public by passing out brochures with instructions on different collection bins and answering questions that customers have each day. The site maintenance for the attendant also includes clean-up of the grounds each day at closing.

Twice a year, we hold our Household Hazardous Waste and Bulky Waste Amnesty Days which are very popular at the Ivy MUC.  Last spring, almost 1,000 households came out to drop off their HHW responsibly!

Paper Sort on Meade Action Photo
Recycling at Paper Sort Facility
HHW Days
HHW Days at Ivy MUC
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