Meet Your Wastewater Operator

Chris and Steven at the Moores Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility (Photo: Andrew Shurtleff)

Chris and Steven at the Moores Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility (Photo: Andrew Shurtleff)


Few of us realize the pipes, pumps, equipment, processes, and people it takes working 24/7 to treat and clean the wastewater so that it can safely be returned to the aquatic environment.  For our community, that means returning the treated water to Moores Creek, which becomes the Rivanna River, which becomes the James, which eventually becomes the Chesapeake Bay.

The Wastewater Team removes pollutants from the region’s sewage disposal and collection system and recovering valuable resources while protecting our environment. We utilize a variety of sophisticated natural biological treatment processes and equipment to be successful in our mission. Our team of licensed wastewater operators, maintenance and engineers work together to treat the wastewater from your homes and businesses, and return the water to the Rivanna River where wildlife and other downstream Virginians can use it.

A typical day…

A typical day for one of our licensed wastewater operators consists of monitoring the local weather conditions and forecast, and monitoring various instruments and equipment to assure operation within proper parameters. Team members perform a number of analyses and evaluations to assure that our technology is functioning properly and our microbiological treatment system is effectively removing pollutants necessary to protect our environment. Team members visually inspect equipment and processes to assure proper operation. Significant wet weather events provide additional challenges as storm water enters the sanitary sewer collection system creating some extreme process flow fluctuations. The operating team must make sure that these fluctuations do not negatively impact the environmental balance in our biological treatment processes. (Photos below were taken by Andrew Shurtleff)


Chris spraying down flow equalization tank

Chris spraying down flow equalization basin with water canon

Steven with Sludge Judge

Steven using the “Sludge Judge”

Tim Checking Digestion Processes

Tim checking digestion process

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