Meet Your Water Operator

The Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority operations at the South Fork facility in Charlottesville, Va. . Photo/Andrew Shurtleff

Dave and Brian at South Fork Water Treatment Plant (Photo: Andrew Shurtleff)

While nature provides us water– for making coffee, fighting fires, taking showers, or building bridges– we also need pipes, pumps and equipment and people to make that happen! We keep the water running 24/7 with our team of water operators, engineers and maintenance crew.

A Typical Day…

A typical day for one of our licensed water operators includes checking the weather forecast and conditions, monitoring water quality and other instrument readings, onsite inspections, and continual adjustments of the water treatment processes.  We use a variety of on-line instruments that take continual readings, and we continually verify those measurements with bench top instruments. We also walk the plant to visually inspect the various treatment processes going on.  It’s very important. A large weather event like a tropical storm can create sediment-filled source water, which means that water treatment can be more challenging.

It’s our job to keep the water running.

Monitoring the Filter Press

Brian Monitoring the Filter Press

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