Virtual Board Meeting

October 26, 2021 RWSA Virtual Board Meeting & Public Hearing

Members of the public will be given a change to comment during the Items from the Public section. You do not need to pre-register to speak during the public comments section. A moderator will allow you to speak in the order in which hands were raised.

  • To comment via your computer, please raise your hand in the Zoom meeting.
  • To comment via telephone, press *9 in order to raise your hand.


If you wish to address the Rivanna Board of Directors during the time allocated for public comment, please use the raise your hand feature to be allowed to speak verbally, or the chat feature in the Zoom Meeting interface.

Members of the public who submit comments will be recognized during the specific time designated on the meeting agenda for “Items From The Public.” You will be allowed three minutes to speak, if using audio means. If using the chat feature, your comment will be read aloud to the Board of Directors only during this agenda items, so comments must be received prior to the end of this agenda item. The comments will be read by a moderator appointed by the Rivanna Authorities.

If you would like to submit a comment, please keep in mind that Board of Directors meetings are formal proceedings and all comments are recorded on tape. In order to give all who wish to submit a comment proper respect and courtesy, the Board requests that commenter follow the following guidelines:

  • Submit your comment prior to the start of or during the “Items from the Public” section of the Agenda.
  • In your comment, state your full name and address and your organizational affiliation if commenting for a group;
  • Address your comments to the Board as a whole;
  • State your position clearly and succinctly and give facts and data to support your position;
  • Be respectful and civil in all interactions at Board meetings;
  • The Board will have the opportunity to address public comments after the public comment session has been closed;
  • At the request of the Chairman, the Executive Director may address public comments after the session has been closed as well; and
  • As appropriate, staff will research questions by the public and respond through a report back to the Board at the next regular meeting of the full Board. It is suggested that citizens who have questions for the Board or staff submit those questions in advance of the meeting to permit the opportunity for some research before the meeting. The agendas of Board meetings, and supporting materials, are available from the RWSA Administration office upon request or can be viewed on the Rivanna website.

Zoom Meeting Information

To be posted the week prior to the meeting.