What we do

RWSA provides clean, safe, high-quality drinking water to the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County Service Authority’s over 115,000 customers. We then treat the wastewater so that it can be safely returned back to the aquatic environment. The RWSA operates five reservoirs at Ragged Mountain, Sugar Hollow, South Fork Rivanna, Totier Creek, Beaver Creek, along with six water treatment plants, and four wastewater treatment plants.

Moore Creek Facility. Photo/Andrew Shurtleff Photography, LLC


























RSWA provides recycling, solid waste, and hazardous waste disposal services to over 3,000 City and County residents each month at the Ivy Material Utilization Center, McIntire Recycling Center, and Paper Sort Facility on Meade Ave.

Ivy MUC. Photo/Andrew Shurtleff Photography, LLC


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