Environmental Stewardship

Konrad and Andrea water sampling at South Rivanna River Photo/Andrew Shurtleff

As a water utility and handler of solid waste and recycling, environmental stewardship is a central part of our work at Rivanna. We recognize that we must serve human needs while protecting the natural environment. 

Water-wise, we collect water at Nature’s source from our reservoirs and creeks and treat it to provide drinking water.  Then we treat the wastewater so that it can safely return to the Rivanna River, which feeds into the James and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. We also provide nutrients for plant life (in the form of turning biosolids into compost) and green energy for the operations at Moores Creek Advanced Water Resource Recovery Facility.  On the solid waste and recycling side, we recycle about 3,500 tons of each year at McIntire Recycling Center and Ivy MUC.

Additionally our Moores Creek, Observatory Hill, South Rivanna, Ivy MUC and Administration Building have been designated E3 facilities by the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program from 2009-2015.  Now we are Virginia Environmental Excellence Program Sustainability Partners.

Renewable Energy

Stream Ecology

Tree Planting

Franklin Street Wetlands Project

Watershed Protection

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