Paper Sort on Meade Ave

Paper Sort on Meade Ave

We are proud to offer high-quality recycling services for boxboard, file stock (computer paper), corrugated cardboard, and newspapers/magazine to local government, commercial enterprises, UVA (pilot program), and non-profit groups in the area.


100 Meade Ave. Charlottesville, VA

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1.Enter the facility at Gerdau Scrap Metal and stop on the scales.
2.Drive to the Paper Sort building.
3.This facility is unmanned, customers using this facility are responsible for unload to the proper trailer.
4.Leave the Paper Sort and exit through the scales at Gerdau.

Who can use this facility?

Only trucks and vans will be allowed in the facility.

•Non-profit groups
•Commercial enterprises with valid business licenses
•Local government: the City of Charlottesville, County of Albemarle, and the Town of Scottsville


Sorting at Paper Sort Facility

Types of Paper Accepted

Category 1: Mixed Brown Paper: This category includes brown and compressed paper which make up such items as cereal and tissue boxes, brown paper bags, and pet feed sacks (without the plastic liner).

Category 2: File Stock: This category includes junk mail, computer paper, legal paper, photocopied paper, and shredded paper; no magazines, no carbon paper, no newspapers and no brown paper are to be placed in with the file stock.

Category 3: Corrugated (Cardboard): This category includes only flattened shipping boxes. No other paper or strings should be placed in with this grade.

Category 4: Newspaper and Magazines: This category includes newspaper, magazines, and catalogs. Magazines include items such as newspaper inserts and “glossy” brochures.