Strategic Plan

Project Description & Overview

Project Steering Committee Group Meeting

Project Steering Committee Group Meeting

With the guidance of Raftelis Consultants, the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority and Rivanna Solid Waste Authority initiated a joint strategic planning process beginning in June 2017 to create an organizational vision and a framework for guiding the utility into the future. The strategic framework will help guide investment,  allocate resources, and provide a structure for annual reviews to assure that long-term goals and objectives are achieved.


Rivanna’s strategic planning process was designed to assure a shared vision of Rivanna’s ultimate goals, a collective understanding of the available resources, the principles upon which strategies are based, and acceptance of the direction and urgency of the strategic and operating plans, which will be integrated into the way Rivanna is operated on a day-to-day basis.

The planning process involved input from a broad group of internal and external stakeholders. Major elements of the process included: Stakeholder Input, Foundation Workshops, Goal Teams, Strategy Workshops, and Project Steering Team Review.

Goal Teams

The Goal Teams, comprised of more than 60 employees from across the organization, are knowledgeable, energized, and committed to the implementation of the Strategies for their respective Goals.

Workforce Development

To attract, develop, and retain a professional, highly skilled, dedicated, and versatile team

Operational Optimization

To efficiently, reliably, and safely provide high quality services, assuring the best value for our customers

Communication & Collaboration

To foster a culture that encourages open communications and strengthens partnerships

Environmental Stewardship

To be a leader in our community’s environmental protection and education

Solid Waste Services

To provide reliable, convenient, and innovative solid waste and recycling services

Infrastructure & Master Planning

To plan, deliver, and maintain dependable infrastructure in a financially responsible manner

Project Timeline

Strategic Planning Project Kick-off Meeting

June 15, 2017


June 26, 2017

June 26 – July 14: On-Line Survey for All Employees

Focus Groups

June 29, 2017

June 26-29: Employee Focus Group meetings and one-on-one External Stakeholder Interviews with Raftelis

Public Meeting hosted by Rivanna and Raftelis

August 3, 2017

Work Session #1

August 22, 2017

With RWSA & RSWA Board of Directors

Foundation Workshop

August 31, 2017

Project Steering Committee: Staff and Board Members

Goal Teams Workshops

September 19, 2017

Sept. 19 – 21: Employee Teams

Strategy Workshop

October 12, 2017

Project Steering Committee (staff and board members) and Employee Goal Teams meeting

Work Session #2

November 14, 2017

With RWSA & RSWA Board of Directors

RWSA Board Approval

December 19, 2017

Implementation Workshops

January 30, 2018

Jan. 30 – Feb. 1: Goal Teams will meet to develop implementation strategies


Approved Strategic Plan

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