McIntire Recycling Center

Winter Hours begin Sunday November 4, 2018

Aluminum Beverage Cans

Recycling Aluminum Beverage Cans at McIntire

The McIntire Recycling Center has deep roots in Charlottesville. It began in the early 1970s with a glass recycling center at Barracks Road Shopping Center. Soon thereafter, recycling began in earnest with the formation of the Charlottesville Ecology Club. A glass recycling center was opened in February of 1973 at the corner of Ridge and South Streets. Fifteen to twenty 50-gallon drums of glass were collected the first day. As volume continued to increase, the Club relocated to the fire station on Rt. 250, then, in 1979, the recycling center moved to its present day site at McIntire Road. Over 691,000 pounds were received that first year. In 1991, RSWA took over the operation of McIntire Recycling Center. The Center receives visits from over 1,000 cars each week; facility-wide we recycled 3,514 tons in FY 2016.

Phone: (434) 977-2976

Regular Hours of Operation

Eastern Standard Time: November to March
Mon 8:30am-5:30pm
Tuesday – CLOSED
Wed-Sun 8:30am-5:30pm

Eastern Daylight Time: March to November (currently in effect until November 4, 2018)
Mon 8:30am-6:30pm
Tuesday – CLOSED
Wed-Sun 8:30am-6:30pm


Holiday Closings:

  • New Years’ Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Directions to McIntire

611 McIntire Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Need help finding the McIntire Recycling Center in Charlottesville?  Click our Directions page.

Recyclables Accepted

For a full list of recyclable items accepted at each facility, please visit the Recyclable Accepted page.


Program Services

Click here for our McIntire Recycling Center Brochure.

Household food scraps for composting

Household food scraps for composting

Household Food Waste Compost Drop Off

What you need to know:

Compostables must be brought in compostable bags (not regular plastic trash bags).  Good news: we have free three gallon compostable bags on site.  You can also find the bags (brand name “Biobags”) at Kroger, Whole Foods, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

NO YARD WASTE will be accepted.


Composting at McIntire Recycling Center Informational Flyer

Questions about acceptable items or how to compost?  Visit our Composting FAQ page

Learn more about composting from the City of Charlottesville’s Composting Program


Book Bin at McIntire

Book Bin at McIntire

The Book Exchange Bin

McIntire’s Book Exchange Bin is located at the north end of the McIntire Road Recycling Center.

Please bring books to the Book Exchange Bin that are in good to great condition. We cannot accept water damaged or moldy books. If you have water damaged books, they can be recycled at the McIntire Road Recycling Center, in the newspaper bin. Space is limited, so please limit the number of text books and encyclopedias accordingly.

To help the exchange run smoothly, efficiently, and safely for everyone, we ask that the following rules be followed:

  1. Only books are accepted at the Book Exchange Bin.
  2. Do not leave other items, such as furniture, electronics, etc., if you have items that are in good shape, but are no longer wanted, please consider taking them to the Encore Shop at the Ivy MUC.
  3. Please limit the amount of books you take home to less than ten books per visit.
  4. Please limit your stay to one 30 minutes visit per day.
  5. Please be respectful of all McIntire patrons and staff.
  6. Only RSWA Staff are permitted to assist with loading and unloading.
  7. No Loitering.

Thank you for your help in making the book exchange a great experience for all!



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New Method of Accepting Plastics

We have streamlined plastics recycling into just TWO BINS: rigid plastics and flexible plastics.

What exactly are these types of plastics? Check out our Recycling FAQs