Granular Activated Carbon


Upgrading Our Water System

As part of our mission of providing clean, safe, high-quality drinking water to the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County Service Authority, we installed Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) water treatment systems in each of our five water treatment plants:

  • South Rivanna Water Treatment Plant: 8 – 40,000 lb vessels
  • North Rivanna Water Treatment Plant: 1 – 40,000 lb vessel
  • Observatory Water Treatment Plant: 2 – 40,000 lb vessels
  • Crozet Water Treatment Plant: 2 – 20,000 lb vessels
  • Scottsville Water Treatment Plant: 2 – 6,000 lb vessels

GAC is highly effective at removing a wide variety of organic materials and select other contaminants to further improve water quality.  It is one of the best means of improving water quality in the industry. After extensive research and public input, we are excited to bring this technology online at all of our treatment facilities.


  • July 2012: GAC System Approved by City, County, ACSA & RWSA
  • December 2013: RWSA Board Approved GAC Hybrid Design
    • Hazen & Sawyer, Design Engineer
  • May 2015: Construction Began
    • Ulliman Schutte Construction
  • April 2018: Construction Completed
    • $24 million